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Dining in Rome: go where the Romans go

Posted on 18 March 2014

Rome is a unique city, no doubt about that. There only comes a moment that you really have enough from tourists and wonder where now all the Romans are. I have been in Rome on several occasions and thanks to a great Italian friend of mine, who lived for many years in the eternal city, she gave me some great dining tips. Lucky you, I got her permission to share them on my blog;-)   “Dukes International Restaurant & Bar” doesn’t sound Italian at all, but I can assure you that their guests are very much Roman.You can just pop in and have one of their fantastic cocktails. But when you see the food that’s being served, from the first course until the dessert,…

Le Pandorine: Stylish bags with a statement

Posted on 11 March 2014

Creative bags with a personal touch for an affordable price, you will find at Le Pandorine.

I made a visit at their flagship shop during my stay in Milan and took pleasure in reading all the nice and sometimes daring statements on their bags.

Wether you are looking for a handbag, a shopping bag or a beach bag, they have it all.

The prices are affordable, depending on the model and size, approximately between 25 and 65 EURO.

For this price range, don’t expect any leather but mostly plastic and faux leather.

A nice bag that glans up your day and that of others.

Grab a tasty burger in the cosy Brera quarter

Posted on 5 March 2014

During my last stay in Milan, I discovered Baobab Organic Burger. In this place you can eat a healthy burger and fries made from fresh, biologic ingredients. I ate a regular burger with mozzarella and it was truly one of the most delicious burgers I ever ate. The quality of the meat is supreme. On top of that the people who served me were very friendly.

Baobab Organic Burger, Corso Garibaldi 12, Milan