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Create your own casual gym shoes

Posted on 13 May 2014


A rainy day is the perfect time for making your own fashion items.

Two little princesses were inspired by a colorful sky with a silver touch.

An afternoon of fun and gym shoes were ready to wear by the time the sun came out!


We used:


– a pair of simple white gym shoes bought for only 6 EURO at the discount shop

– pink an blue textile paint

– a silver textile pen

– a sponge

– tape


Take it easy: Slip-On Sneakers

Posted on 21 March 2014

Take it easy: Slip-On Sneakers   A big hit this spring and summer but even during autumn and winter: the Slip-On Sneakers.   As seen at Givenchy and Jimmy Shoo,  myself I spotted them during the fashion show from Dévastée ( as you can see on my post about Dévastée). American sneakers brand Vans also offers a wide selection.   Because the model as such is very basic and ordinary, it is the used  tissue that makes you stand out from the crowd.   You can buy yourself a fancy Slip-On Sneaker at the brands mentioned above but with a bit of creativity you design your own personalized sneakers. Simple ones you can find at Primark and H&M for example.   Myself I really…

Charming handcrafted bracelets from Eivissa with Love

Posted on 16 March 2014

Are you ready for an Ibiza styled summer? The beautiful handcrafted bracelets From Eivissa With Love are perfect to style up your look!

I bought my beautiful bracelet last year at the hippy market Las Dalias on the magic island, which is off course the nicest. For those who can’t wait and want to be the first to have it, the collection will be soon for sale on their Web Shop.


Le Pandorine: Stylish bags with a statement

Posted on 11 March 2014

Creative bags with a personal touch for an affordable price, you will find at Le Pandorine.

I made a visit at their flagship shop during my stay in Milan and took pleasure in reading all the nice and sometimes daring statements on their bags.

Wether you are looking for a handbag, a shopping bag or a beach bag, they have it all.

The prices are affordable, depending on the model and size, approximately between 25 and 65 EURO.

For this price range, don’t expect any leather but mostly plastic and faux leather.

A nice bag that glans up your day and that of others.

Macabre humor at fall/ winter collection 2014-2015, Dévastée

Posted on 6 March 2014

In a setting that gave the impression of a cemetery, models with a nonchalant look showed us loos fitted clothing.

With a messy bobbed haircut, could-be phantoms, walked with ease around crosses. A collection of only black and white with dark comedy prints was presented.

Trendsetting slip-on sneakers with a mosaic of mirrored glass pieces gave the look an extra touch of reflection.

Make your own cosmetics at AROMA-ZONE

Posted on 5 March 2014


Like to have your own little cosmetics laboratory in your bathroom?

Then this is the place to be to buy everything you need from a to z.

A success in Paris, customers are shopping around with a little basket like in the supermarket.

An interesting and budget friendly concept to create your customized beauty products.

They organize a variety of courses to get familiar with the ingredients and to know how it all works.

 Spa-boutique AROMA-ZONE, 25 rue de l’école de médecine, 75006 Paris



Everyday and graceful clothing at Christine Phung

Posted on 5 March 2014


The fall/winter collection 2014-2015 of Christine Phung found place at Galleries Lafayette Maison.

In a ordinary room which was far to small, guests were jammed up together.

Models with naturally red cheeks from the heat, high ponytails and red colored lips, showed us

habitual feminine clothing.

Skirts and dresses above the knees, some tight, some loose, were seen in combination with V-shaped décolletés.

Warm toned colors, prints influenced by asian art and Swarowski decoration on the clothing gave an extra touch.

Not a awe-inspiring show but a nice collection with style.