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Macabre humor at fall/ winter collection 2014-2015, Dévastée

Posted on 6 March 2014

In a setting that gave the impression of a cemetery, models with a nonchalant look showed us loos fitted clothing.

With a messy bobbed haircut, could-be phantoms, walked with ease around crosses. A collection of only black and white with dark comedy prints was presented.

Trendsetting slip-on sneakers with a mosaic of mirrored glass pieces gave the look an extra touch of reflection.

Everyday and graceful clothing at Christine Phung

Posted on 5 March 2014


The fall/winter collection 2014-2015 of Christine Phung found place at Galleries Lafayette Maison.

In a ordinary room which was far to small, guests were jammed up together.

Models with naturally red cheeks from the heat, high ponytails and red colored lips, showed us

habitual feminine clothing.

Skirts and dresses above the knees, some tight, some loose, were seen in combination with V-shaped décolletés.

Warm toned colors, prints influenced by asian art and Swarowski decoration on the clothing gave an extra touch.

Not a awe-inspiring show but a nice collection with style.



Moschino fall/winter 2014/2015: Gummy bears, Sponge Bob and chocolate

Posted on 2 March 2014


It was worth the waiting: with more then one hour delay, the show was a cheerful act de presence. It will become a sweet and playful fall and winter. Models with pixie cropped hair or a cap on their head made an act on stage. With house music from the late nineties with songs like “From Disco to: Disco” and  ” King of My Castle”, the ambience was set.

A lot of flashy colors, tasty prints from chocolate bars and cereals within between Sponge Bob and  some “McDonalds” were seen. The typical ” cheap an chic”, we could not do without, was also present in sexy black leather, gold and jeans.

Fashion with a statement, such as a fur coat with ” fur real” and ” King of Fashion, Moschino”  or as the designer himself was wearing a t-shirt: ” I don’t speak Italian but I do speak Moschino”.Katy Perry was surely not the only one being hungry for more after the show.

Comfortable clothing and fabulous fashion boots with a futuristic touch at Iceberg fall/winter collection 2014-2015

Posted on 2 March 2014

In a cool, large wide space under futuristic white huge lamps, simplicity and comfort with refined details set the tone at the fall/winter 2014-2015 fashion show of Iceberg. Models with their hair in easy going low ponytails showed us comfortable clothing with colorful details that grabbed my attention. A lot of cigarette pants, skirts in light fabrics above the knees and casual pullovers were seen during the show. Most of it in fine basic colors such as camel, grey, black and blue with some bright silver and see through tissues from time to time. As already seen for this summer, light pink was also present in combination with sparkling silver. Long classical and abstract lined coats with different kind of collars will keep us warm during the coldest time of the year. Personally I loved the ankle boots in all different types of colors fitted to the clothing. Especially the metallic orange colored ones I adored. A futuristic view on fashion in a timeless style.

Fall-winter collection 2014-2015 Tex Saverio: the designer behind Lady Gaga

Posted on 1 March 2014

Ever wondered who designs the extravagant creations from Lady Gaga? Or who designed the wedding dress,worn by Jennifer Lauwrence, in the movie ” The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”? It is the young and gifted Indonesian fashion designer Tex Saverio. His fashion show took place at “Place de la Concorde” in the luxurious housing of ” L’ Automobile Club de France” .It is not a surprise that there was a lot of interest for his fall/winter 2014-2015 collection. Some photographers even got into a fight to have the best spot for making pictures. Devilish good-looking models showed us magnificent pieces of art on their skin. In an exclusive combination of black and gold, in a wide variety of nuances, a powerful and mysterious tone was set. Short skirts and maxi dresses were combined with high heels in a curved shaped form. Fine textiles and delicate patterns gave every creation an opulent allure.Femininity ruled with dominance.This theatrical show was a “must see” for every fashion eye.

Cristiano Burani fall/ winter 2014-2015: A perfect harmony of femininity and masculinity

Posted on 27 February 2014

Going up the elegant stairs, in a beautiful building at Piazza Duomo, I had the privilege to attend the fall/winter show 2014-2015 of the Italian designer Cristiano Burani. With a wonderful sealing, large walls and a marble floor, this magnificent place was the perfect setting for a fine fashion show. Appealing models with a flawless skin, bare make up and a long wet hair look showed us fine cut ensembles . A lot of sober and natural colored clothing such as black and brown were combined with delicate prints, zebra print or lively red. Flared skirts and dresses above the knees combined with stiletto heels created a feminine yet a strong look. Oversized coats, pullovers and male shoes in black or zebra print resulted in a inspiring show where female and male designs together show a perfect fit. A great show from a profound designer with an eye for detail.Not a surprise that “Vogue” keeps a close eye on him.