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Create your own casual gym shoes

Posted on 13 May 2014


A rainy day is the perfect time for making your own fashion items.

Two little princesses were inspired by a colorful sky with a silver touch.

An afternoon of fun and gym shoes were ready to wear by the time the sun came out!


We used:


– a pair of simple white gym shoes bought for only 6 EURO at the discount shop

– pink an blue textile paint

– a silver textile pen

– a sponge

– tape


Take it easy: Slip-On Sneakers

Posted on 21 March 2014

Take it easy: Slip-On Sneakers   A big hit this spring and summer but even during autumn and winter: the Slip-On Sneakers.   As seen at Givenchy and Jimmy Shoo,  myself I spotted them during the fashion show from Dévastée ( as you can see on my post about Dévastée). American sneakers brand Vans also offers a wide selection.   Because the model as such is very basic and ordinary, it is the used  tissue that makes you stand out from the crowd.   You can buy yourself a fancy Slip-On Sneaker at the brands mentioned above but with a bit of creativity you design your own personalized sneakers. Simple ones you can find at Primark and H&M for example.   Myself I really…

Make your own cosmetics at AROMA-ZONE

Posted on 5 March 2014


Like to have your own little cosmetics laboratory in your bathroom?

Then this is the place to be to buy everything you need from a to z.

A success in Paris, customers are shopping around with a little basket like in the supermarket.

An interesting and budget friendly concept to create your customized beauty products.

They organize a variety of courses to get familiar with the ingredients and to know how it all works.

 Spa-boutique AROMA-ZONE, 25 rue de l’école de médecine, 75006 Paris