Born on The Island and raised by a Bohemian mum, three older rebellious sisters and a father far from home, mainstream has never been in my name.


I grew up in an environment where the arts were a part of the daily life. Walls didn’t have to be repainted because every square centimeter was covered with a canvas.


In a surrounding where the arts are a second nature, I developed a sense of feeling for that what touches the soul.


With a passion for music from Stravinsky and Prokofiev to Bob Sinclair and Calvin Harris ,I adore dancing since I am a little girl. I dance through my life, on stage and off stage, guided by every form of beauty that crosses my path.


I still believe in fairy tales and I am a dreamer, so unfortunately for my hubby, I most likely will never become an adult.You are never too old to learn but I want to stay young forever. As I am coming from planet Venus, I am not complex or complicated at all, only just a little.


Making a choice is one of the hardest things for me to do.Therefore, if you ask me to make up my mind, I will ask you to have a little bit of it all. This phenomenon is reflected in my life. I challenge myself to do everything what I like, rather an impossible target but I’ll try.


When it comes to beauty in the broadest sense of meaning, I am not an exception, I like to be surrounded by it every single day. I am not a fashionista nor a cosmetic beauty freak. I leave that up to others. I am just me, myself and Beautydivined .


Although theoretically l live in the European Capital, my home is where I feel well and that can be anywhere. Traveling and wondering around is my second nature, so my luggage is always on standby.


A little cookie monster wakes me up almost every night, which makes me sometimes feel somewhere between a zombie and sleeping beauty during the day.


I enjoy a tea-time with the teddy bears and Goldilocks as much as a dinner with the prince on a black horse in a fancy restaurant.

Climbing Austrian mountains on high heels is for me as easy as walking with bare feet on the beach.


In my bedroom stands a table full with perfume bottles with the rightful excuse that a woman should have a fragrance for every mood ( and I have many). Fortunately for my daughter with the most beautiful hair, she has her share.


Somebody told me once that you should never buy shoes for your girlfriend because she will walk away from you. Therefore I give myself the respectful right to buy all the shoes I like and stuff only half a room with them.


My favorite drinks are bubbles in a graceful glass and a nice Aperol Spritz. Although nothing better then the personalized cocktails from Henry behind the Diamond Bar.


Art inspires and intrigues me endlessly. I would be in my natural habitat living in the Guggenheim museums, Picasso museums and last but not least at the Villa Borghese.


Based on all these characteristics and hopefully with inspirational discoveries and adventures still to come, I challenge you to read my blog and keep on visiting it. Looking forward hearing from you and as Marilyn Monroe said: “Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.”



Yours Beautydivined